Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thoughts of Today

This morning, before getting into any routine of work or whatever, I cast my eyes to the sky (something which I do at nights and early morning especially), and saw a beautiful full moon suspended above the horizon. As I was in Johannesburg (South Africa) a city with pollution and all those things which might spoil this type of scenery, I was especially happy to note that this moon held proud. Venus was there to accompany her and together they lit the western horison. The mornings, when they are like this, are quiet and poignant with the onset of the hustle and bustle which will consume our attention during the coming day. I am sure that even I forget that moon and the vista which I have seen in these early morning hours. Maybe I even lose some of the tranquility which they instil in me for the coming day..but I know I do not lose all of it.

When on safari, out in the wilderness, I am so priviledged to enjoy this time of day. Usually alone, not always (it is possible to have safari clients awake in the chilly dark winter mornings!), I use this time to draw an energy into me from that universe out there. Even if it is make-believe, I make it believe. It is a time when all around you can stand still while you think to yourself and feel for yourself.

This particular morning, I was very happy when a child, whom I saw early in the morning, made the first comment of the day..."Isn't the moon so beautiful? It shone through my window and straight onto my face when I woke up". Yes, I would have to agree that that is beautiful and for anyone to appreciate it, is also beautiful.

I have also spent time with a friend, sharing some quiet moments and thoughts, as we all do. But when you see a friend only occaisionally, you get to value that time together. Interraction and exchanges, this is what we are about, us humans. We have all said it - either to ourselves or to our friends- that we must make time to be, time to enjoy, time to savour the simple things, time to get away. How often to do we try and do all of this, but within the framework of a society or a social stigma which dictates what the "time away" and "enjoyment" shall be? Then we are just caught up again - back in the big cog, the rat race..not free.

If you haven't already got it, find yourself something small, but valuable, which can instil this feeling in you each time you need it. Then use it. It helps.

A day on the river, time out in some aspect of wilderness, anything like this which you have, cherish it. All these are things which you do for yourself. Because when you are better, stronger, less troubled and less complicated, then you are a better companion to your friends, partners and colleagues. We, by ourselves, alone, are not as whole as we can be, if we do not share our strengths with others.

Here's to tomorrow morning!


  1. hey Toff - didnt know you were a blogger! very cool blog and yes, you are right :-) check out Karen's at also Tienie at beneath a botswana sky blogspot...
    enjoyed reading yours, and great photos x

  2. Hi! Yes decidede to start, and see how it goes. Thanks for the other links. Will follow up on them. I hope I can keep fairly regularposts going..difficult when on trips! But I have a few breaks coming up soon!