Sunday, July 5, 2009

What weather

Sunset from my boat, off Sedudu Island, Chobe River, Kasane, Botswana

Boating on the Chobe? Here's the perfect sundowner plan...

Elephants enjoying a mud bath at Savuti, Chobe NationalPark

Marty, (Martini Hill), Jack Russell Springboksupporter. (Or is is just good against the cold?)

It seems strange to us here, since last month,that we should have such extreme weather occurring in our "dry" season, our winter. I was on safari with Tim and Jan Dang, out from the States on their honeymoon, when we experienced two solid days and nights of rain in Savuti. This rain was widespread and heavy - we had recorded 61mm in Savuti by the time we left and on arrival at Moremi Game Reserve the following day, found that they had received 91 millimetres. Unheard of for that month of the year!
And now, a really cold spell with winds at least a month to six weeks early.
I have visited Johannesburg as well, and there it is cold But that's normal for's winter at a higher altitude and Jo'burg is always colder than I can ever be prepared for!
Marty-I would say the greatest Jack Russell boy in the world, but then there will be a million other Jack Russell owners who would vote theirs first (that's going to be one thing, if you got a Jack Russell, you will never have consensus of whose is the best!), well, Marty has his jackets for winter. Since the South African Springbok Rugby team has done honours and won the test series against the British and Irish Lions, there's a pic of Marty at the top of the page in his Springbok jersey.
You know,at the end of each day we reflect on many things..I believe that this is the time when we deserve the solitude, the peace, the tranquility..that moment alone when you can say to yourself what you want to; when you can wish for what you want; when you can come to terms with what will or might be; and when you can close the chapter of today and know that you, and only you, can do more, can be better, can be happier, can make more changes in your life, than what you had today.
Enoy it. Live it.

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