Saturday, February 26, 2011

Phew 2 months...

You would swear that nothing can keep you from what you have to do and what you know you should do. But that's a lie. 'Cos most of us succumb to that, don't we?(I say this. And I say as well.." I hope..") because I have no exscuses for the times when I didn't do what I should or could have.
That said, how have you been? I have spent two months of this year doing and feeling some of the most amazingly sad and deep, happy and shallow, feelings that I would ever think I should. But I have opened myself to the fact that if I cannot go throught this, then what the heck am I even trying to be. I cannot say that I have the answer for myself, but I can say that I know myself and understand myself a lot - a LOT - more than I have done for a long, long time.
Look at the few pictures I have posted again. I have got some of the most wonderful pictures from the time I spent in the Kalahari with Izaak, Rene, Annekarien and Bianca during December 2010. Stunning stuff. You will not believe unless (or until) you have been there yourself. Then there is Marti - a most faithful,loving dog - but not just that. He is and will be, an inspiration of happiness and simplicity to me - never wake up that you are not happy or ready to smile, and give a kiss and a hug to whom you are with (OK OK! there are exclusions!!:)) and make life a game, never want to argue or fight, just enjoy and live responsibly.
If you have not spent some time in the last 2 months alone, if you have not sat and watched the sunset or the sunrise, again alone within yourself, if you have not sat quietly on a river (or at the sea) and seen the peace around you - and let it include you - and if you haven't found something like this in your week for yourself, where you are, then do it. It is worth the time, believe me.
Sayings like "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" are cliches. There is no substitute - EVER - for what you know and believe in yourself. And most of the time you are right. And if you are wrong, you have the knowledge, inside of you, that you are right to say "I am wrong".