Friday, July 10, 2009

Winter and it's toll

Full moon setting, Johannesburg, 07 July 2009. 0650
Sunset Johannesburg, 07 July 2009. 1850.

Hi! The subject line is a bit all-encompassing, but anyway. Suffice it to say I am only going to comment on its immediate effect on me and some close friends in the last week! Temperatures in Johannesburg region get pretty low in winter and for folk like us coming from the northern Botswana, mild climate, well..I never seem prepared for it. And I never get sick where I live - ok maybe a day now and again over a couple of years. I consider I have a system pretty well able to tackle anything the outdoors, dust, people, animals etc can throw at me. It seems to work. But not in Johannesburg. Man, someone had a cough and flu and I said don't worry it won't get to me. Yeah, right. Here I am sick and miserable. Nasty bugs they got here. They ain't friendly!There are another 3 around me going through various stages of being sick. No wonder the chemists and medical profession thrives so well down here!

No exscuses. I am going to post a photo I took of the moon in the early morning, and hope it looks as good as it did in real life.

One thing for someone like me who comes from such a small town with very few amenities, in a place like Johannesburg, Pretoria, or whichever city we might be in, we can look forward to a huge selection of good restaurants, bars and shops to entertain us! It's easy, for a while, to not get bored and to enjoy the lifestyle for a while. For a while. Then it's good to be able to get away from it again, not having to live in the bigger cities full-time. Even a break of a few days out, is good.

Friends, family, companions. They make the difference. They are always above material issues such as city life,work, stress, entertainment and so on. Relationships with people are above these things, and will always be more rewarding.

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