Sunday, May 1, 2011

March travels

Between mid-March and mid-April, I traveled with some wonderful people. We were on safari, at first in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve of Botswana and then in the Sankuyo Community area of Santawani, which borders on the Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta region.
We spent two weeks in the Kalahari, transversing the central and northern area - a group of five adults and 3 young children. All five of us learnt a lot from the three! They were amazing - captivated, interested, studious, full of fun and laughter and games amongst all the nature and wild animals around them. Genuinely a pleasure to share the time with. I think back fondly to the marvelous safari we had with Bill and Susan Oliver in this place, and wonder at how the Kalahari keeps on delivering the same peace and rewarding experiences to all whom I take there.
Two of my guests were from Belgium. They had traveled with us on a tour during October last year and wished to come back to the Kalahari - and did not waste any time about it either. What lovely, pleasant and happy people.
I am blessed with being able to share my times pout in the bush with such folk. I can barely recall guests who have been with me who have not been a pleasure to share the experiences with.
Marti, my dearest little friend and side-kick, waited patiently in Kasane for some time, but was spoilt enough to be on Ntwala Island at the lodge (Ntwala Lodge, with Kiddy for just over two weeks of this time. He does real well as the lodge dog and mascot! Loves 'meet and greet" and going out to the jetty when the guests arrive or leave. He is unobtrusive in between and very polite! His stay was earned by hunting rats - one of his absolute favourite past-times! Now he has his dad back with him (which is where I belong, of course!), he is happily sprawled on the couch(es), chairs, bed..all his normal spots. His toy collection is well looked after - he still has several of his tennis balls intact (one from August last year in Kenton)and he is a joy to have with us.
Here are a few pics...I have not had much chance to get out on the Chobe and Zambezi rivers yet and must do so - the rivers are at the fullest now and offer a spectacular day's outing. But work looms - safaris starting in 2 weeks' time and a busy June and July ahead, as well as August, September and October. Great! I love my work.