Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hey, I am in Zambia..Livingstone that is. The first visit across the ditch, this year. (The ditch being the Zambezi River). It is nice to be here again, I have spent so many times here over the last three years that it is strange to not have been here for so long this year. Have seen many friends, and they are all full of welcome - a very typical reaction and response that you will get from people in this region. Thank you all for your hospitality and help, and friendship.

I think that the Mozi (beer) tastes better than it did last year when I was here! At last there are a few trips which will bring me through here over the next few weeks. Time to visit that beautiful spot, Taita Falcon Lodge, on the Batoka Gorge.

Love for nature and the world around us, is something we have to remind ourselves about from time to time. For some of us, the natural world is around us and we see and experience it. Better than only being in a city - I mean IN a CITY, not in a nice suburban area away from the real Concrete Jungle. Those are the folks who need to have a chance to get out into the natural world.
Life should be a balance - for those not out in the nature and for those who are - because I can take the city and the built up world. But I know it is nice to be able to "work" in the bush, in the natural, nature world. And to share that love, and life, with friends and close, loved ones.

And, Man's Best Friend..the dog. Well, Marty sure fills that description. Loyal,waiting, patient always there when I get back from being away. Always happy and always only to pleased to share any moment with me. He is not the only one..many, many of us have such a friend. They are quite amazing companions. Enjoy them.

And now, in the late hours of the evening, I must close my mind to the things that have to be done, to the day ahead and the things not yet done, and merely relax in the knowledge that I, too, am loved. And that I do have people who care about me, in some way. And to find comfort and solace in that knowledge, and happiness.

No pictures today, I don't have the drive connected with those tomorrow or the next day, we get some photos for you again.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What is Time?

The Chobe River, one of my favourite spots here on this bend,to sit and watch the sunset from my boat, always accompanied by Marty the Jack Russell. Although clouds have these stunning formations, how often have you turned back to look at them again, just minutes later, and they have changed? An obvious observation, no great scientific enlightenment in that one. But that is time, all changes with and in time. Nothing in the material universe will stay the same. And we are but material as well,our bodies. And thus we change through life.
I have been watching the progress of my grey haired beard more recently, since the last two years. It seems to be on a mission of catching up for lost time!
It strikes me as difficult to keep aspects of time in place. I know that I have just recently struggled to get understanding on why something which has happened, is gone, done..never actually leaves us. Even when we think that it will no longer bother us, the present has a way of bringing the past back to either remind us of something or to hit us with some unpleasant memory or association. And we don't seem to have immediate control over the effect this has on us.
Time. Along time ago, can still be right here with us now. Memories, recollections, whatever they are called, never leave us.
And we must remember that what we are doing NOW, will be there in our future as a a memory. Why I can even remember when my beard was definitely NOT grey!
I have been on some wonderful safari tours since my last posting, sorry for the abscence, but I do not yet have, nor will I have, internet connection in the bush whilst on safari.
Here are a few photos to remind us that even out there all we see today will not be the same tomorrow. I am often asked whether my tours don't become boring, I am covering the same areas time after time,year after year.
I have never answered "yes"to that, because it is always changing and always something is new or different. Again,Time.
What is that young baboon thinking as he sits there? What is he doing now? Just as we would, I hope he savoured that beautiful moment and has it stored in his memory as a happy, peaceful time. And the trees, Baines Baobabs, have been there for thousands of years, but without memory as we know it. Yet they stand and change with Time. And we, whoever visits there, stand for a time around them and think of the quiet solitude they have endured.
Well, it's time for bed, too. The longer I stay awake, the less timeI have to sleep; and it's time for me to go, and spend some time resting before it's time to get up. Time and again, Time enters into our thoughts consciously, many times in our conversations. It is always there, passing, making what is our lives. Making my beard grow more grey!
Enjoy your time here (reading my page), and then go on to enjoy it whereever you might be from this moment on.