Thursday, June 30, 2011

Giraffes Rule OK! Chobe River Runs

Wow..just you comes something you did not expect. I have been on a few safaris recently (? of course) and many many times have I been along the Chobe River section of the Chobe National Park. In this month, with our guests, we have seen more giraffes than I have ever encountered along this stretch of the Park.
Giraffes? They have always been there. Yes of course. But in such numbers that when you drive from the entrance at Sedudu Gate, once you start to encounter them, you do not stop seeing more and more.
"There's a giraffe", goes the shout in the vehicle. But oh no, each time we stopped or drove slowly past, we counted 3 then 5 then 7 and more - up to 14 a time. I honestly reckon that we saw from 240 individuals upwards.
The buffaloes were also getting into full swing - herds and herds and herds. Many scattered individual and small groups, marvelous bulls and plenty of young calves.
Amongst all this 'big' game, we cannot forget that one of the most impervious, dominating and influential characters along the river-front, is the Impala. They never be there, to glow, to shine and prance, to jump in their magnificent display - high prancing and happy!Survivors and one of our most attractive symbols in the region. So too the Kudu - wow, are they doing well along this section of the Park! Wesaw so many young, so many females in herds and some wonderful mature bulls.
Then there are the elephants. They will never cease to be there and to entertain us. And to teach us. I have a story which I will tell later..about the most fantastic "whispering" experience one could have with these wonderful creatures. I am going to wait for the comments on my Facebook page, my own writings there and those of the people who shared that experience with me.
Believe me..I don't care who is the 'expert' on this..that expert and I have more than something in common then. I believe in what I know and have experienced and that particular encounter merely cemented what is fact and what I have learnt from past experience.
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When we give our hearts, our mind and our feelings to nature and are prepared to share that with nature, we are the ones who learn something new. We are NEVER learned.
Hoping to hear your views and experiences too....