Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bushmans River, Eastern Cape South Africa. It was absolutely stunning, yes. Lots of simple friendship, lot of stunning surroundings, lots of good wholesome food and fresh fish. A green lawn and sunshine through the windows. I was happy. Signed Marty.

Wow! THIS is a good holiday!

Who is who?

Who of you have been on a safari? Ok, that's a lot of hands up. A trip to the park or even the zoo? Well, I don't know about the zoo, but I sure can tell you that I would not be surprised if I went there to see the leopard in its cage...and, wait for wasn't there.
Darned cats! They are superb at hiding. Yet also superb at being totally visible when they want to be seen. Yet another typical cat trait. There is a ginger cat that owns our house - totally. Occupies it, owns it, (forget the landlord) uses it, abuses it, makes a mess, leaves hair wherever for the housekeeper to clean.. Well the list is endless. That Darned Cat. And that applies to the elusive little ones each time we go on safari. Love them. I think, I hope. No, I am sure I do.
So who is the "boss" out there? Of course we do know the answer. Not us. All the cliches are right - we are merely visitors, passer's through. Animals will dictate at times, what we will or won't see. I have tried, mostly, to be honest enough about that. Yes, it takes a good guide to get you there at the right time but it also takes that element which belongs totally to the animal we are hoping to see.
I am not one for the glitz and glamour of turning each corner and finding a 'big one' or a 'special'. Did we miss the ants crossing? Did we miss the dung beetle trying to cross? Did we miss the leaves falling? We need time to savour the world around us and on our safaris we do try and remember that. Not always. But nearly! And remember that every minute that I am out there looking at nothing, I am looking for the cats,and the specials. But I remember what else is around us.
Our last safari had a lovely surprise lion at sunset, a day of seeking out the 'girls' whom we did not see, and a lovely leopard sighting near the end of the tour. Add to that some of the most beautiful impalas; close up, calm and stunning elephants; kudu, sable and roan, warthogs and baboons, birds and birds, buffaloes falling (?) out of the trees (that's surely a cliche) and excellent human company with lovely food in camp to boot. Well, what more is there? Luxury? A, exscuse me for saying this, hair dryer? Yes if you insist..but that is second to the experience of finding out Who is Who on safari.
Enjoy. It's worth it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Safari August-Sept 2010

Coming to share the shade of our truck - eventually we had to leave him in the sun!

A rewarding safari with the Vanson family and Will and Julie. Some excellent lion sightings and lots of other game. Seeing the mysterious Savuti Channel in full flow, and a partially flooded Savuti Marsh, was a bonus! Get out here and come share this wonderful, true African wilderness camping safari with us!

Reisverslag Safari Botswana - reisverhaal + foto's - Anders Reizen

Reisverslag Safari Botswana - reisverhaal + foto's - Anders Reizen