Sunday, July 12, 2009

Days of Learning

Beautiful coastline, Eastern Cape South Africa.

Giraffe and leopard in the Chobe National Park.

It was time to gather the force of my one sibling and share some time together! We had given this a bash two days ago, to find that she had come down with the worst flu you could wish for; and our visit together turned into an evening of medicine and remedies, no supper together and so on. So Saturday was sunny and seemed perfect. We managed a quick lunch together at a nice outdoor pub/restaurant, soaking up the warm sun..funny, how hot the sun is in winter when you sit in it with long sleeves or a sweater on!!

I am hoping today to catch up maybe on a bit more time together before I return to work in the Chobe National Park and Moremi Game Reserve next week.

I had the pleasure of spending time also with new friends, young folk who I am getting to know and appreciate. Being a part of their world for this short time has also been eye-opening and a learning for me. One where I have enjoyed what I have done and learnt.

And amongst this, still time to be in touch with (old) friends and share experiences and plans together, to exchange thoughts and feelings with folk through some correspondence. And today, it's also time to make contact and catch up on the news with family I have not spoken to for far too many months.

So, Sunday it is..and a busy schedule ahead. Why, I even have some work to do too!!

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  1. nice one again! hope you guys are doing ok?