Friday, November 18, 2011


Don't ever try to type and post something when you can't see the key board properly!
I have just lost a deep, emotional comment for here and I am not going to re-do it now. Suffice it to say that we have to really look into ourselves to know and appreciate what and who we are.
Your daily "things" which do not do much for you as an individual (strength and growth wise) are ok but they are NOT that important. Too often we let them be exactly that- too important- and we start to mold ourselves into a personality which is not us.
All over, for years, we have heard that we should "love yourself" and then you will be better off. Well, it is true. But it's a hard lesson to learn. 'Cos I reckon that's got to be one of the hardest - to love yourself. You can "believe" in yourself, you can know that you are doing ok and so on. But love yourself? We know that we have far too many faults in ourselves that we have to address before we can love ourselves!
Wrong. Loving yourself is actually just coming to terms with all that you are - what you have done and want to do - and then learning that probably, we are not only individuals but have to have the strength to be with others around us. Any bit of sharing and compassion, empathy or daring that we show, makes us understand "ourself" better. At the same time it gives us more confidence that we can partake in this thing called life and society knowing that the bit we have just done has benefited "ourself". Honesty to others and yourself is a big part. Never let yourself down nor do anything which will lower the standards you have set for yourself. Never be too harsh to judge others who might not have that ability yet.

Its hard and I know that there must be millions of people that never look into their lives anywhere like this. True love, I believe, is an understanding, a feeling followed by actions, which then turns your REAL life into happiness, comfort and a prosperity for those who are with you. Thereby you gain and are more fulfilled - and so are those around you, because your calmness does reach them and they benefit from that.

If we, individually, are not doing "bad things", then we are helping each other. If you have something to say about the people and the world around you, then say it. But not in such a manner that it is not heard by the world or the people affected.

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