Saturday, November 19, 2011

Are we right?

How many times have you asked yourself if you are right in a choice you are making? Nearly 99% of the time you have asked yourself whether your decision is right or not.
How many times have you turned your back on an issue, turned a "blind eye" to something that you know should be addressed?
How many times have you stood by while knowing that something is happening and should not be happening, or can be changed for the better?
I ask whether we are right to stand back in silence because we are 'afraid' (not scared, just politely holding back) of facing up to something which we consider to be bigger, better, more powerful, more authoritative or more 'acceptable' in the public eye.
I said it yesterday as well - we have the right to voice our feelings and our opinions. If we believe in something enough to think it is important,we have the right to voice it aloud. We have the right to stand up against those that we consider to be more powerful or stronger than us. In fact, we have a duty to do so.
Our world in southern Africa is facing a multitude of pressures on its wildlife conservation. There are many (many, many actually) who are working flat-out to help and try to stem this present onslaught. I am just saying that we, the majority - the silent majority actually - (and I include myself in that) have got to stand up and say to our 'leaders' "enough is enough". We are a voice, we are a power and we have to be heard and we have to have action taken positively to stop or intervene in the slaughter of animals and the loss of land - both to humankind and animal.
My concern lies with animals. Rhino, elephant all the way down to the smallest creature is being poached illegally by people who simply do not understand, or wish to learn, the impact in the future of their actions today.
I abhor the actions of officials who don't have an empathy to see the real circumstances in which the society around them lives. Education is better than slaughter. But once something is killed, it is dead. DEAD. Gone. We cannot sit around and pontificate about whether it is right, wrong or justifiable - we have to act on the words that we have spoken, of the goals and principles we have set. That unfortunately applies to governments and their organisations as well. You cannot say things and then fail to see that they are carried out by your representatives. It is NOT up to the private individual to correct the faults of government all the time..the citizens of a country have given their government the mandate by their support, they have given and continue to give the government the support financially by taxes et al.
Support the organisations in your community and your country who are striving to help the poor, the underprivileged, animal welfare. But do it knowing that you have the right and the duty to speak out against officials and official organisations who do not do so. As a human on this little orb, it is in fact our duty to do so.

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