Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One more sunset...

After 2 months near to the junction of the Zambezi river and the Kasai Channel, as well as being mere metres from the Mambova Rapids, I can tell you that I have only fished 3 times. Someone recently said to me: 'That's pretty bad management'. Well,the times out were great. Everyone I know who has been fishing there for (maximum) 5 days during the last two months that I have been there, has caught fish! And lots. And some very nice big Tigers. Well, I am happy to go out and simply enjoy yet another sunset, a peaceful and tranquil time of course. Since I can't remember when,I have drawn an energy from that time of it draws to close and all settles down to wait the coming of the new dawn.

Marti is happy as long as he accompanies me. Fact. He loves watching the lure hanging in the air just before casting, following its flight out over the water..and then waiting to see where it will pop up again. He has learnt to touch and smell live fish, before they are put back in the water to live another day. He has certainly learnt that as much as that cool water looks sooo inviting, you don't go near it. Not if you are a little dog..crocodiles rule that space.

Coming up soon... Kenton on Sea..renovation time! Bye!

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