Saturday, December 25, 2010

Central Kalahari Reserve Dec '10

You are going to eat your heart out, I hope! You just gotta be here...and for those of you have been 'here',you will know what I am saying.. I have just spent 5 amazing days with Rene & Annekarien and their friends Izaak and Bianca, in the Deception Valley area of the Central Kalahari Reserve, Botswana. My FAVourite! Green season (rains) has just started and you could not wish for better settings for great game viewing and absolutely GREAT open space and quiet.
I can't say that we beat the times that Susan and Bill (Oliver) spent there with us a couple of years back..but it was very good. In all,45 lions were seen - some of them chose to be not more than 25 metres from our camp site,3 times. They gave us the most amazing shows..because we took the time to stay with them and watch.
We saw cheetah, lazing and hunting! Young Springbok literally being born and unable yet to take their first steps..waiting with them while they mastered this. And one experience of such a young little lamb having to fight for its life (being hunted by cheetah) within the first hour of entering this world. An astounding interraction to be part of.
NO photos yet! I have not had time to upload them today...
There is a safari leaving mid March to the Kalahari again..come on, join me!! And if the dates don't suit you,let me know what does.
This is real rejuvenation of the spirit and mind.

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