Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hey, I am in Zambia..Livingstone that is. The first visit across the ditch, this year. (The ditch being the Zambezi River). It is nice to be here again, I have spent so many times here over the last three years that it is strange to not have been here for so long this year. Have seen many friends, and they are all full of welcome - a very typical reaction and response that you will get from people in this region. Thank you all for your hospitality and help, and friendship.

I think that the Mozi (beer) tastes better than it did last year when I was here! At last there are a few trips which will bring me through here over the next few weeks. Time to visit that beautiful spot, Taita Falcon Lodge, on the Batoka Gorge.

Love for nature and the world around us, is something we have to remind ourselves about from time to time. For some of us, the natural world is around us and we see and experience it. Better than only being in a city - I mean IN a CITY, not in a nice suburban area away from the real Concrete Jungle. Those are the folks who need to have a chance to get out into the natural world.
Life should be a balance - for those not out in the nature and for those who are - because I can take the city and the built up world. But I know it is nice to be able to "work" in the bush, in the natural, nature world. And to share that love, and life, with friends and close, loved ones.

And, Man's Best Friend..the dog. Well, Marty sure fills that description. Loyal,waiting, patient always there when I get back from being away. Always happy and always only to pleased to share any moment with me. He is not the only one..many, many of us have such a friend. They are quite amazing companions. Enjoy them.

And now, in the late hours of the evening, I must close my mind to the things that have to be done, to the day ahead and the things not yet done, and merely relax in the knowledge that I, too, am loved. And that I do have people who care about me, in some way. And to find comfort and solace in that knowledge, and happiness.

No pictures today, I don't have the drive connected with those tomorrow or the next day, we get some photos for you again.


  1. Hello Toff and Kiddy,
    Thanks for your kind words on the postcard, sent by Dennis and Niels!
    It's nice to read your blog!

    Annekarien and Rene

  2. Hi Rene, Annekarien
    Thanks! Looking forward to seeing oyu both again.Here's to many good times shared with wildlife